Taxi in Ho Chi Minh city

Metered taxis cruise the streets, but it's often  easier to phone  for one . Several companies in HCMC offer metered taxis and charge almost exactly the same rates. The flagfall is around 14,000d for the first kilometre. Most rides in the city centre cost less than 30,000d.

The following contact details are for HCMC's main taxi company:

Ben Thanh Taxi (Tel: 842 2422)
Mai Linh Taxi (Tel: 822 6666)
Red Taxi (Tel: 844 6677)
Saigon Taxi (Tel: 842 4242)
Vina Taxi (Tel: 811 1111)

A quick, if precarious, way around town is to ride on the back of a Xe om (sometimes called a Honda om). Xe om drives usually hang out on their parked bikes on street corners, looking for passengers, and will usually wave you down first. The accepted rate is comparable to cyclos.