Theatre in Ho Chi Minh city

Municipal Theatre (Nha Hat Thanh Pho)
Add: Dong Khoi street
Tel: 829 9976
Each week the theatre has a different programme, such as Eastern European-style gymnastics, classical music or traditional Vietnamese theatre. Performances typically begin at 8pm; inquire at the theatre or ask at your hotel. And if there's nothing happening when you're in town, you can at least pop into the stylish Q Bar, around the side of the building, for a drink.

Conservatory of Music (Nhac Vien Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh)
Add: 112 Nguyen Du street
Tel: 824 3774
Performances 7.30pm Mon-Fri Mar-May & Oct-Dec
Performances of both traditional Vietnamese and Western classical music are held at the conservatory, near Reunification Palace. Students aged seven to 16 attend the conservatory, which performs all the functions of a public school in addition to providing instruction in music. The music teachers here were trained abroad. The school is free, but most of the students come from well-off families who can afford to purchase the prerequisite musical instruments.