Amigo Steak House

When you are in the look out for some Tex-Mex food to change your taste buds from the continuous onslaught of oriental cuisine, head straight for Amigo Steak House, Ho Chi Minh City.

America is the land of opportunity and émigrés. Indeed it is surprising to find that in the historical evolution, this country, saddled with different ethnicities customs and values have managed to surge forward to become a superpower. American cuisine reflects the multiethnic society. Cooking styles vary according to the tastes of different communities, but American cooking as a whole has infused several styles and ingredients originating from various parts of the globe. Far East countries with vibrating cultures of their own, still has welcomed American food or rather American fast food rules the taste buds and imagination of pre-teens and teenagers, the world over. This diverse cuisine has gained a foothold in Vietnam in recent years with the eateries doing brisk business.

Amigo Steak House is located centrally in Ho Chi Minh City in Nguyen Hue, District 1. The place serves absolutely mouth-watering steaks in authentic American style and the moment you walk in, the big bar will draw your attention. The décor is rustic, but the abundance of brick and wood makes you feel like being in an American city. The tables are of standard size allowing diners enough room to dine comfortable without elbows being at awkward angles. The lighting of Amigo is very discreet. And the most important part of this whole place is the food. Beef is imported and of the finest quality, the steak definitely will not taste like leather in your mouth! Go for accompaniments like a Thousand Island Dressing salad or new boiled tiny potatoes. It will depend on what you want actually! Opt for some of the Mexican delicacies from an extensive menu card. Try to have some of the Champagne Brunch on Sundays.