Wild Horse Saloon

Gastronomes in Vietnam or visiting gastronomes can indulge in American cuisine with abandon as Ho Chi Minh boasts of several top of the line American restaurants, Wild Horse Saloon being the number choice of residents as well as visitors.

Remember the days when you as a little child were enamored with gun-toting Westerners engaged in looking after their ranch? Or with the handsome hulk breaking a violent stallion? Now if you still retain that fondness for the Wild West, be prepared to be a part of in Wild Horse Saloon, Ho Chi Minh City. The bar here resembles a bar at least a century old in Wild West. The moment you will walk in, the restaurant will grab your attention. It has been decorated with an eye to create a most authentic atmosphere at least mentally you will be transported to somewhere in the West! The Saloon has swinging doors and trophy heads are lovingly decorated on the wall. The long wooden bar is reminiscent of bars as it was earlier in the West and everywhere the cowboy theme dominates.

Night in Wild Horse Saloon, Ho Chi Minh City means live music and the business of eating makes slow progress. But definitely not for food! The beef here is imported and steaks are to die for. Choose your drink or any non alcoholic beverage. Bar tenders speak English fluently so communication will never be a problem. To dine here, you have to come to Thai Van Lung, District 1. Try to make prior appointments and lunch hours are from 11 AM to 2 PM and dinner is from 5PM to 12AM. Apart from cash, you can pay with Visa, Mastercard and Amex.