Kampachi Restaurant

Enjoying and appreciating exquisite Japanese cuisine is no mean task. One of the most unique cuisines of the world, Japanese cuisine lays great emphasis on the seasonal availability of ingredients and its freshness. This oriental cuisine is based on certain conceptions.

The Japanese people are very fond of rice in general and most prefer to have rice for their lunch and dinner. Rice is carbohydrate and taken without any accompaniments very bland. Noodles are another source of carbohydrates. Rice or noodles are taken for carbohydrates and side dishes are made for accompaniments. The beef, pork, chicken, tofu or vegetable dishes are flavored with high salt and low fat content dashi, miso and soy sauce. Cooking in Japan involves different skills and proficiencies. Japanese food are either grilled, deep fried, broiled, steamed or simmered. Again the Japanese love to have Sashimi, thinly sliced meat or seafood with wasabi. Now you are wondering that how is this little discourse in Japanese cuisine going to help you in touring Ho Chi Minh City. The answer lies in your visiting the city for you will find several Japanese restaurants offering authentic delicacies from Japan. Try some out. In this context a visit to Kampachi Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City, is a must.
Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City has several hi-end hotels and restaurants. Kampachi Restaurant is not on its own, it is a dining room in Equatorial Hotel, located in Tran Binh Trong, in the city. Here you can sample different types of Sushi as the restaurant has an exquisite Sushi counter. If Sushi is not your forte then go for Teppanyaki and do dine at least once in the tatami rooms. By the way, tatami is traditional Japanese flooring. It is made of woven straw mats each of equal length and size. The décor of tatami rooms are in traditional Japanese style, it will bring a slice of Japan in your life for sure!

But to dine here, one thing must not be overlooked. Weekends see a hectic rush of diners as Kampachi Restaurant is very popular. Every Saturday there is a typical Japanese lunch buffet, try to come here on a Saturday. It will definitely be an experience to remember. If Saturday is not possible for you then Sunday will do as the buffet spread covers the entire weekend. The timings are from 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM.