Ohan Restaurant

Japanese restaurants will open up a whole new world for you, visit other places by all means but to allow Ohan Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City to serve you.

Ohan Restaurant is located in Pasteur Street. This Japanese restaurant is pretty special in yerms of food and décor. You will get not only a la carte Japanese cuisine, delicacies from Pacific Rim have found their place in the menu. Coming back to Ohan Restaurant, you will meet Tatsuhiko Itano, one of the most well known and loved expatriate of Ho Chi Minh. The main ingredients needed are imported from Japan if necessary, local produce is also used, you will have difficulty in finding a fresher fish on your plate anywhere else in the city! Japanese cuisine lays great emphasis on presentation and here too you will find Mr. Itano has surpassed himself. Ohan is something of a celebratory venue, you will find many Japanese celebrating for some reason or other and the weekends are jam packed. Without prior booking, you will have to wait. Choose carefully from the menu for any confusion refer to Mr. Itano, the ever gracious gentleman will help you decide. Choose anything from the unbeatable Sushi, udon noodles or Ochazuke. If price is not an issue with you but authenticity is, then just head for Ohan Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City!