Sakura Restaurant

As far as food is concerned you will have a hard time in deciding which restaurant to visit, but if you are enamored with all things Japanese, then dine in some of the Japanese restaurants, but whatever you do, do not forget to dine in Sakura Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh City.

The world in general seems only to be aware of some of the intricacies of Japanese cuisine like Sushi and Sashimi. Of course, those well informed with Japanese way of life and their cuisine knows that Japanese cuisine is an art, only the finest can master it! The two terms mentioned earlier, Sushi and Sashimi are very distinct. Sushi is rice flavored with vinegar and served with a topping of fresh fish or seafood or mixed with seafood and fish. Sashimi is vastly different. It is taken as raw food. The meat or fish is very thinly sliced and served with a dipping sauce and some easy garnishing. The garnishing normally consist of shellfish or fish and served with soy sauce and wasabi. You many be wondering if Ho Chi Minh will allow you to taste such delicacies, forget about allowing, taste some in Sakura Restaurant. This restaurant is pretty up market and sees well heeled crowd. The menu represents Japanese cuisine quite well which means that your choice will be from a wide selection. This restaurant has two floors and the upstairs floor has private rooms for dining. These rooms are tatami rooms.

If you are not familiar with tatami, then be prepared to be acquainted with them. Tatami is traditional Japanese flooring, the mats are actually made of woven straw and packed with straw and made singly. But all mats are of same size and shape and have a brocade or plain green cloth border. By the way, Sakura Restaurant, located in Mac Thi Bui St, D1.