Sushi Bar

Japanese cuisine is fast becoming popular amongst well informed diners globally and all the major metropolises have multiple Japanese restaurants catering to discerning customers. One important feature of Japanese cuisine is that it uses only the freshest of the ingredients. Also importance is given on the seasonal availability of various fishes or vegetables. One very popular area of Japanese cuisine is the Sushi cooking. In Vietnam’s capital, Ho Chi Minh, you will find several reputed Japanese restaurants excelling in Sushi. Now that you are sold on Sushi dining, do dine at least once in Sushi Bar, Ho Chi Minh City and we are convinced that you will come back again and again.

The location of this premier Japanese restaurant will allow you to get an idea of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh’s bustling life. Sushi Bar does not have only Sushi specialties but Sashimi and other Japanese specialties can be sampled here too. If you are thinking that a place affording such a dining experience must have decades of experience, you will be surprised to know that Sushi Bar is not even a decade old. But because of its quality, it has a steady clientele from both the movers and shakers of society as well as the less well connected. Sushi Bar boasts of very friendly and attentive service and absolutely scrumptious food.

As Japanese cuisine lays great emphasis on fresh ingredients, Sushi Bar uses only the freshest either bought from local markets or imported from Japan. Since over 45 varieties of Sushi and Sashimi are served up, you can pick and choose about the food. Sushi Bar offers a very wide choice when selecting the food, the extensive menu has a large selection of Moriwase which is assorted Sushi or Sashimi and separate Nigiri Sushi, Maki Sushi and Temaki Sushi.

You may feel like giving Sushi a miss and gorging on some other Japanese delicacies, in that case too allow Sushi Bar to serve you. It has on menu some very tempting Teishoku sets which will give you a complete meal of main dish, hors d’oeuvre, steamed egg and Miso soup. Sample some of their Tempura specialties, rice and noodle specialties. You can dine on the complete range of hors d’ouevres, taking what you want. And if you are thinking how it will hit your pocket, you can be absolutely sure that it is all very affordable without any compromise on the quality. By the way you will have another great service, home delivery. Now enjoy Sushi where you want!