Yakata Bune Dinner Cruise

Yakata-Bune Dinner Cruise in Ho Chi Minh City is another prominent place, which has added to the city’s treasure of restaurants specializing on Japanese cuisine. In the last few years Ho Chi Minh has become the hub of most business activities and leisure traveling for Japanese people and Yakata-Bune Dinner Cruise headed by the entrepreneur of K-Café serves the masses and the tourists to the best of its abilities. This whole project was initiated in the new millennium to bring to life the legendary concept of the cruise in Yakata-Bune, which was very much a part of people’s lives since the times of the Samurais.

An elegant wooden boat was constructed and built on traditional lines to be able to carry diners along the Saigon River and simultaneously they can enjoy the best Japanese cuisine bringing to you the indigenous taste of the land. Since its inauguration in 2001 Yakata-Bune has fast become one of the most popular and a key dining and entertainment as it not only offers great food and offers great care towards its guests and knowing your value for money they serve you with the best quality food. K-Café is known to specialize in Sushi and Sashimi, Tempura dishes, Yakiniku BBQs, Bento sets, noodle specialties and many more Japanese dishes. For your information this restaurant serves good quality food from fresh ingredients and made under supervision by trained chefs. In fact the surprisingly low prices of the restaurant always go to the diner’s advantage. The restaurant is an equally ideal place for organizing a business lunch or social dinners and gatherings. The Yakata-Bune cruise is the perfect opportunity to get a better and complete glimpse of the city while enjoying splendid Japanese cuisine.

The wide range of specialties offered by Yakata-Bune includes Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Miso, Teriyaki and a host of other Japanese cuisine. Spending an exotic evening on the boat also gives you a taste of the music of the land by entertainment through live Vietnamese and country music performances. The Yakata-Bune cruise abandons the dock, situated at a nominal distance from the restaurant on the Saigon River. Being centrally located Yakata-Bune is easily accessible from almost every key hotel in the city both by walking and by cabs. While in Ho Chi Minh one shouldn’t miss out on the pleasures of soothing his taste buds with exclusive Japanese cuisine and hence visit Yakata-Bune at:

74/A4 Hai Ba Trung
District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (84-8) 824 5355