Tay Nam Bo Restaurant

Tay Nam Bo Restaurant is more of a beer hall in comparison to a restaurant serving regular cuisine. This beer hall conveniently has a seating arrangement as they provide you with adjoining tables, innumerable items in menu list and reasonably affordable prices. In fact Tay Nam Bo is among the best places to sit back and relax after a heavy dinner. Tay Nam Bo is also known for serving drinks and alcohol of all the well-known brands starting from beer to good quality wine at reasonable price.

Vietnamese cuisine is famed as being genuinely ‘light cuisine’ amongst all other Asian cuisine types. Vietnamese dishes mostly include delectable soups and stir fries made out of fresh and green herbs etc. the other items include grilled items which are well seasoned and garnished with rice or noodles and also comprise the main course of the Vietnamese delicacies. In fact at times the desserts and sweets and snacks etc also feature fresh fruits with sweetened rice or tapioca etc and they rarely have fats. Vietnamese cuisine is mostly known to concentrate on vegetables and light seasoning with rice and to some extent also displays similarities with Chinese cuisine while the regional diversities play their role respectively. Southern Vietnamese cuisine mostly focuses on fresh seafood and north being colder depends on more heavy meals with beef while central Vietnam having a royal descent is mostly influenced by tastes of former court delicacies.

Irrespective of the regional differences the main Vietnamese cuisine mostly reflects simplicity in its dishes and gives way to communal meal. The other items are leafy greens with rice papers including a dipping sauce, seafood or grilled meats, a vegetable dish with stir-fry, and rice or noodles. You can also take the beverages of your choice with these items. Modern cooks with mechanized cooking accessories and modern recipes will always find cooking Vietnamese cuisine a very easy job.