Paloma Cafe

You are on your annual holiday in the country and the capital city, dine in one of the restaurants with a most intimate environment, Paloma Café, Ho Chi Minh City.


Paloma Café is located at 26 Dong Khoi, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. If you are traveling alone then of course you will have to be immune to the environment, but if your significant other is with you, this romantic restaurant will be a perfect place to dine and enjoy. You do not need any prior reservation to dine here, further you can choose from Italian, Australian, Asian cuisine or from the steak and barbecue section. Paloma Café has the right ambience to be in extremely close quarters with your beloved, the soft music playing in the background sets the tone for the evening. The restaurant has televisions for the entertainment of the diners. Here payment will not be a problem for you, you can pay with cash or Visa and Mastercard. And if you feel that you would like to have a takeaway instead of dining in the restaurant, then also there will be no hitch as takeaways are available too. As for the quality of food, steaks and other beef specialties are made from imported beef, that explains a lot, besides do sample the Hawaiian Pork Chops. Besides food, choose the drink you like, opt for either the alcoholic or the non alcoholic beverages.