Cafe Mogambo

If you are thinking whether the food so different with dipping sauces and unknown ingredients will agree with you, then just opt for the American restaurants which offer authentic American cuisine at an affordable price. Café Mogambo, Ho Chi Minh City is highly recommended in this case.

Yes, that right! American restaurants in the heart of Ho Chi Minh creates an aura of Americanism. Café Mogambo is a theme restaurant and after knowing what had inspired to start this venture, chances are that you will dine here only. You surely must have seen that timeless classic, Mogambo with Clark Gable, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. Yes, we know, it was wonderful to see the strong handsome man coping with the attentions of two very desirable women and the denouement was just to your liking! Café Mogambo is based on this film’s theme. The moment you enter this restaurant you will be floored by the casual and friendly environment. The décor of Café Mogambo has tried very successfully to recreate the African feel like it was in the movie, from the leopard print dresses of the waitresses to the animal skins and African skins that decorate the walls of the restaurant. You will get a fairly extensive menu with choicest American delicacies and fast food like hamburgers chilly dogs and burritos are available with French fries or if you want rice. Besides, the bar is very well stocked with full range of beers and cocktails.

Dine here again and again and to reach this restaurant you will have to come to 20 Bis Thi Sach, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.