Ngon Restaurant

Ngon Restaurant is one of the famed and well-established restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. The term Ngon literally means ‘delicious’ food and this restaurant is known to serve authentic Vietnamese local cuisine stylized like street food yet offering a hygienic ambience.

The restaurant is credited with serving a variety of noodles, rice dishes and finger food at a reasonable price of a 50% hike compared to road side stalls. Being a highly popular venue with locals this place is mostly crowded and packed during the lunch hours with both local residents and tourists. The interior with diffused lighting and banana plants gives it an, other wise serene out look.

In due course this restaurant has become a genuine Ho Chi Minh institute serving local dishes and has a highly chaotic ambience full of laughter, shouting and clanging of cooking accessories and another special feature is the open air kitchen. You get to experience a comfortable seating arrangement with a regular table or a seating arrangement in either the balcony or the courtyard. Decoration wise the main building is having different cooking stations at different corners and each cooking station specializes in respective regional cuisines. Prices of main courses vary between VN$ 7000 to VN$ 55,000. To savor the local taste of Vietnam visit Ngon Restaurant at:
138 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, District 1
Phone 08/829-9449

This restaurant has recently established two branches. One is located to the west of the central Notre Dame Cathedral and the other at Thanh Ton, District 1. The first known as Nha Hang Com Ngon focuses mostly on Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) cuisine with special emphasis on rice items (as its name indicates a ‘Delicious Rice Restaurant’) while the second one named Nha Hang Tu Chon Ngon focuses on stylized buffet dining. You can check out the facilities in Nha Hang Tu Chon Ngon at:
25 Le Thanh Ton,District 1
Phone: 08/824-3790